is an effective and inspiring high performance coaching program for people and teams to create the life of their dreams.

Daily Rise Calls
Set powerful intentions for your day with coaching calls every morning!
Weekly Syncs
Go deeper. Reflect on your past week and set yourself up for success.
Zen Tech
Get the right tools to master technology for ultimate productivity and flow.
Master Time
Maximize the one nonrenewable resource we have: time. Get the most of your 24 hours.

Why Rise?

Master Rituals
Find & Create
Your Why
Energize Your Day 
Next Level Accountability
Grow Relationships
Improve Productivity
Community Support
Daily Gratitude

Meet Your Coach

JC Gonzalez
Born in Bogotá, Colombia, JC has supported hundreds of people to create a life of purpose, gratitude, and sustainable growth. As an immigrant making his way through Hollywood and the music industry, JC developed an ability to connect with artists and professionals of all kinds to activate their greatness! JC created Rise Sync to provide a consistent, effective, and affordable coaching method that works for everyone.
Evan Cudworth
Evan Cudworth cultivates energy and plants possibilities, while inspiring anyone in his orbit to embrace non-linear growth, celebrate past failures, and confidently tell their story as they forge a healthier path to success. Evan has successfully coached over 200 families as students develop unique skills and ultimately prepare outstanding essays and applications to gain admission to elite colleges and universities. 
Sean Sebro
Sean was born in San Diego, CA, as one of five siblings. Sean successfully utilized fitness to overcome obesity, depression, and self-doubt as a kid growing up. A certified personal trainer, food aficionado and social media Wizard, Sean empowers leaders through many mediums to creatively infusing fitness growth to boost Self worth and living their life to the fullest.
Jen Rollins
Jen's mission in this life is to create freedom from whatever has been holding you back from a life worth Rising for! As a single mom, she wakes up every day eager to be a support system for others to embrace a life of possibility, love and authenticity! She brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience to support clients in activating their passions and achieving their goals.


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How much does Rise Sync cost?

Prices range from $100-$1500 per month.

Why do I need a coach?

Most if not all high performers in different disciplines have a support system or coach of some kind. Coaches provide consistency, stability, and accountability in your life, supporting you to discover your true potential.

I’m not a morning person. Is Rise Sync right for me?

Rise Sync maximizes your 24 hour day. You don’t have to be a morning person, and it’s not about waking up early. It’s about creating self sufficiency and increasing the likelihood that your best self will show up everyday.

What if I have my own habits already?

Great! And…what would it look like if you were more effective with your habits? Are you practicing the right habits? What would be the value of having a professional support you to find the kinks in your routine and to maximize your engine for daily creation?

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer free trials. Having skin in the game lets us know you're committed to the work of personal transformation.

Is this like therapy?

We're not here to psychoanalyze you, we're more like personal trainers at a gym. Some of the work we do is emotional and psychological. We create a safe space to support you in processing what's going on in your life.

How long is Rise Sync?

It takes about 66 days to form a new habit, so we designed the Rise Sync program to be three months to ensure that the new habits you create stick. Prices go down the longer you’ve been in the program, and many Risers stay for more than three months.

Can I stop in the middle of the program?

You're welcome to leave the program at any time, but we encourage Risers to complete the program to get the most out of it.

What if I don't want to have calls every day?

You can request weekly syncs with JC at a different rate. We don't recommend this for members who have not completed the full Rise Sync program.

Can I invite friends and family for discounts?

Absolutely! We have entire families who have joined Rise Sync, and we have referral systems that can give you, your friends, or your business team a discounted rate!

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